Made In Cambodia Market

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  • The Made in Cambodia Market brings together the most exciting examples of craftsmanship in Cambodia today. Internationally recognized artisans and designers participating include Ammo, Rehash Trash, Friends International, Sombai Liqueur and more.

    Visitors attending the market will have the opportunity to purchase fine quality artisan products and luxury goods that redefine what it means to be made in Cambodia today.

    Visit the Made in Cambodia Market to help create Khmer jobs.

    The greatest benefit of the market is to Cambodians in need, through both direct income and skills development; as the market’s main philosophy is to help create Khmer jobs; from the villagers producing the Handicrafts to the sellers interacting with the visitors.

    The Market opens to the public every day from 12 noon to 22 hrs located at King’s Road Angkor on the permanent site along street 27. Enjoy free live acoustic music or traditional dance shows during the weekends from 6pm onwards and special circus performances by Phare, the Cambodia Circus once or twice a month.

    Note: King’s Road Angkor does not earn any income from this market and none of the stallholders pay any form of commissions on their sales.

    Did you know that the Made in Cambodia recently changed the setup and moved to the edge of King’s Road Angkor? You now find the market stalls with the orange roofs at the corner of Achar Sva Street and Street 27. In addition, there are some stalls and carts along the entrance of King’s Road Angkor too. Happy shopping!

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