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  • What is ‘Trick Art’?
    Trick Art is an artistic 2D painting or picture, specifically designed for Artbox Siem Reap so that it feels like as if it’s alive. When taking a picture of your friend in front of the painting, it really feels like your friend merged into the picture, like he’s really part of it.

    What is ‘SiemReap Art Box’?
    The Artbox museum in Siem Reap is the world’s biggest trick art museum, and it hosts up to 5 million tourists who visit the country annually to see the Cambodian world heritage site, as well as plenty other impressive sites, without any climate interruptions such as sweltering heat or rainy season. It’s recently been awarded by TripAdvisor and listed among the top 30 things to do in Siem Reap (which is a great achievement, considering the number of temples in the list).

    Did you know that there’s even an app you can download which triggers even more 3D effects when taking pictures of the unique paintings?

    How to get there?
    Get in touch with the Artbox team to arrange your pick-up from anywhere in town. You can reach them via phone: 063 900 600 or 086 77 3001.

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    Did you know that Artbox was also listed as one of the top things to do with children in Siem Reap?

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