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Chifumi Krohom about the mural on Kuntha Bopha Hospital

Giant Artwork Unveiled at Kantha Bopha Hospital: A Collaboration of Culture and Creativity

Siem Reap, Cambodia – A vibrant new landmark has emerged on the walls of Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital in Siem Reap. French street artist Chifumi Krohom’s monumental mural, titled “Ta Prohm” (meaning “Brahma” in Khmer), is not only a visual spectacle but also a celebration of Cambodian cultural heritage.

Inspiration Steeped in Tradition

Chifumi Krohom drew inspiration from Cambodia’s rich tapestry of culture, particularly the revered god Brahma depicted in Angkorian sculptures. The mural’s location, near the famed Angkor Wat complex, further emphasizes the connection to the country’s historical roots.

Every element within the artwork holds significance. The majestic Brahma represents creation, aligning perfectly with Kantha Bopha’s role as a prominent maternity center. Ornate Kbach Pni Tes motifs weave through the design, symbolizing the lush vegetation surrounding the ancient temples.

A Gift to the Community

Chifumi Krohom isn’t new to Cambodia’s art scene. His passion for Khmer culture led him to create this mural, his second for Kantha Bopha hospitals.  This project serves not only to beautify the hospital but also to bridge the gap between traditional art forms and contemporary street art.

Public Art for a Public Cause

The mural serves a dual purpose: to preserve and promote Cambodian heritage while offering a unique artistic experience to all.  With limited access to museums and galleries, public art becomes a powerful tool for fostering cultural appreciation, especially among younger generations. Chifumi Krohom emphasizes the need for further support for artists who create innovative public art installations.

A Towering Feat

Creating such a large-scale masterpiece was no small feat. Chifumi Krohom meticulously crafted digital sketches based on Khmer sculptures, ensuring each detail fit seamlessly onto the angled corner wall.  Standing at a staggering 18 meters tall, this mural holds the title of the largest in Cambodia. Applying precise colors and maintaining accurate proportions across such a vast canvas is a testament to Chifumi Krohom’s ten years of experience.

credit photo @Rémy Abad

Community Collaboration

While a few artists assisted with the initial brushstrokes, and the Kantha Bopha team provided scaffolding, the project remained largely Chifumi Krohom’s vision, from concept to completion.  Respectful of the hospital environment and its visitors, Chifumi Krohom ensured minimal disruption during the creation process.

Positive Reception Rings True

The response to “Ta Prohm” has been overwhelmingly positive. Social media has buzzed with praise for the mural’s theme, colors, and overall impact, further solidifying Kantha Bopha’s reputation for excellence.  While the long-term impact remains to be seen, the positive energy surrounding the artwork is undeniable.

A Look into the Artist

Chifumi Krohom, a French street artist who has called Cambodia home since 2013, is the mastermind behind “Ta Prohm.”  He is the founder of the Cambodia Urban Art Festival, a pioneering event dedicated to showcasing public art in the Kingdom. Chifumi Krohom’s artistic journey has taken him around the world, leaving his mark on walls in India, California, and Madagascar. 

credit photo @Rémy Abad


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