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Direct bus between Bangkok and Siem Reap will begin the 29th of December.

klux 3188 Posts 3270 Karma
klux posted this 15 December 2012

Great news for the travelers, the first bus service between Thailand and Cambodia will finally begin at the end of December, on 29th. The two countries will each provide two buses a day on the trip Bangkok/Siem Reap in 7h for 25$, and one a day Bangkok/Phnom Penh in 11h for 30$. Those shuttles will certainly become very popular due to their short times, affordable prices, and the fact that it will avoid some problems of scam with the visas.


Chris 151 Posts 3362 Karma
Chris posted this 23 February 2013

Some new information about the direct bus line between Thailand (Bangkok) and Cambodia (Siem Reap / Phnom Penh).

Direct Bus Bangkok - Siem Reap 

Unlike previously announced, the direct connection didn't start on December 29th. Due to some complications, the connection between Bangkok and Siem Reap ran for the first time on the 21st of February 2013. The direct line between Bangkok and Phnom Penh is NOT running yet, but will follow soon according to Transport Co., the Thai state-owned bus company.

Schedule for the direct bus between Bangkok and Siem Reap:

  • Duration: 7 - 8 hours
  • Price: THB750 or US$25
  • Departure time: daily at 09:00 from Bangkok (Mochit Bus Station), daily at 08:00 from Siem Reap
  • Tickets can be purchased in Bangkok at the Mochit (Northern) Bus Station

Please contact us if you have more information about the bus line, and especially about the border crossing and the Siem Reap leg of the trip. At the moment it's unclear if travellers have to leave the bus at the border for their visa application. We also would like to know where tickets can be purchased in Siem Reap and where exactly the bus departs.

-- Update 21 April 2013 --

From Bangkok to Siem Reap: It's not necessary to have a Cambodian visa upfront. The bus will stop before arriving at the border to arrange a visa. However, we currently don't know how much they charge for this. (The official price is US$20 for a tourist visa and US$25 for a business visa.) Travelers have to get off the bus for both the visa application and crossing immigration. The bus awaits the passengers on the Cambodian side of the border. 

From Siem Reap to Bangkok: The departure point in Siem Reap is at the (new) Siem Reap based office of the bus company on Sivutha Boulevard #22. Tickets can be purchased here or by calling (+855) 97 33 33 817 or (+855) 10 40 77 63.

As previously announced, the Bangkok - Phnom Penh direct bus connection will take about 11 hours and costs THB900 or US$30. 

We will post more information as soon as available!


Post Edited 21 April 2013

Chris 151 Posts 3362 Karma
Chris posted this 06 March 2013

A first review about the Bangkok - Siem Reap bus service was posted on Tripadvisor. Note that the traveler had to change busses at the border after all. Also, travelers without visa or with evisa were not able to book the whole trip. They could only book a ticket for Bangkok - Aranyaprathet / Poipet (Cambodian border). So for the moment, it seems like this bus service is only useful for Thai / Cambodian nationals and foreigners who already have a Cambodian visa. 

"Travelled from Bangkok to Siem Reap on 22 Feb 2013 by direct bus. Tickets sold from booth 22 at Mo Chit bus station. Get evisa first and take your passport if you go to buy a ticket in advance.750 baht for the ticket. Bus left at 9.00. No stops or pick ups on the way. Water and a snack given out. Bus a/c with toilet. Brief stop at a bus stop in Aranyaprathet. Arrived at border at around 13.40. Despite assurances to the contrary we changed buses at the border but it was literally get off one and straight on the other. Probably due to driving on the left in Thailand and the right in Cambodia. Lunch snack served, pork and rice. Lots of people got off as they didn't have visas. They went to get visas at the border and make their own way onwards. Crew didn't speak much English but several Thai passengers did and were very helpful explaining what was going on. However, at the border an English speaking crew member joined us. All passenger Passport details were filled in on a form and then passports and visas plus 100 baht per person were taken off to immigration by the driver. We were given our passports back and got off the bus to clear Thai exit immigration. The Thai side of the Border was not that busy but we went through the group tours lane. Got back on the bus and drove past the casinos. Saw people who were on the bus earlier but didn't have visas in a queue to get through Cambodian immigration. Drove into Poipet and then pulled over just after the roundabout and the driver took the passports to Cambodian immigration. We sat and waited on the bus and then passports arrived back. Departed at 15.30. Arrived in Siem Reap at 17.30 and took a $4 tuk tuk to the hotel. No hassle with the driver, accepted we had booked a hotel and didn't need him the following day.

Summary - Prolonged but comfortable journey and no hassle. Would definitely do it this way again, especially after seeing how people are targeted by beggars and touts as they cross into Poipet".

For updates about this review, please consult the Tripadvisor forum: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g297390-i9163-k6021845-New_direct_bus_from_Bangkok_to_siem_reap-Siem_Reap_Siem_Reap_Province.html

Chris 151 Posts 3362 Karma
Chris posted this 05 April 2013

One of our readers was so kind to email us the flyer below. The advertised company is working together with Transport Co. to offer a daily direct bus service between Bangkok and Siem Reap. For more information and reservations, please contact their offices. We didn't try out this service yet.

direct bus bangkok - siem reap flyer

Direct bus Bangkok - Siem Reap flyer 

Post Edited 05 April 2013

Chris 151 Posts 3362 Karma
Chris posted this 07 April 2013

Natakan Cambodia Co. advertises the following timetable and prices for the direct bus service between Bangkok and Siem Reap:

Destination                              Departure time               Ticket price
Bangkok - Siem Reap               9.00 am                             US$28
Siem Reap - Bangkok               8.00 am                             US$28

Bangkok - Phnom Penh            8.15 am                             US$33 
Phnom Penh - Bangkok            8.15 am                             US$33

Chris 151 Posts 3362 Karma
Chris posted this 21 April 2013

Don't miss this trip report by one of our forum members. It covers in detail how to travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap by direct bus, pictures included!



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