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Some useful Khmer words related to dining and drinking

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    Below I will try to  list some important words for those who want to explore the Khmer kitchen (which I can only recommend)


    Pronounce: sat(ch)

    This is the general word which is used for ‘meat’

    Examples are:

    សាច់គោ (Satkoo): beef

    សាច់ជ្រូក (Sattchruuk): pork meat

    សាច់ត្រី (Sattrey): fish

    សាច់មាន់ (Satmoan): chicken

    Apart from these basic meats there are many other ones like:

    ទា (Tia): duck

    ងាវ (Ngiaw): a kind of small shelves/mussels

    កង្កែប (Koongkaeb): frog

    បង្គា (Boongkia): small shrimp

    Most of the time the meat will be served with គុយទាវ (Koeytiaw) which are a kind of white spaghetti noodles, with មី (Mii) which are yellow noodles or with បាយ (Baay) which is rice.

    Rice is the most important food in the Khmer kitchen, the Khmer word for ‘to eat’ is ញ៉ាំបាយ (Njam baay) or literally: to eat rice.

    The general word for all kind of potatoes  is ដំឡង (Domloong).

    Vegetables are បន្លែ (Boonlae). The Khmer kitchen makes mainly use of local vegetables which I will list later in a separate topic. Many vegetables which are used in the Western kitchen are translated from their French equivalent or the word  បារាំង (Baarang) is added which literally means ‘French’ but is generally used for ‘overseas’.

    សាលាដ (Saalaad): lettuce

    ការ៉ុត (Kaarot): carrot

    ខ្ទឹមបារាំងស (Khtum baarang soo): white onion

    ខ្ទឹមស (Khtum soo): garlic

    ប៉េងប៉ោះ (Peeng poh): tomato

    All these ingredients can be prepared in different ways:

    ស្ងោរ (Snao(r)): boiled

    ឆា (Tchhaa): stir-fried

    អាំង (Ang): grilled

    ចៀន (Tchian): sauteed

    When your food isn’t ប្រៃ (prai) enough you’ll have to ask for អំបិល (Ombil) which is the Khmer word for salt.

    Black pepper is ម្រេច (mreet(ch)), Chili pepper is ម្ទេស (mtee(s)).

    And when your food isn’t ផ្អែម (Pe-aem) enough you will have to ask for ស្ករ (Skoo).

    Hungry is ឃ្លាន (Khlian) and thirsty is ស្រេក (Sreek)

    And last but not least: when your Khmer friends order លឹង្គគោឆាអង្ក្រង (Lung koo tchhaa ongkroong) … Ask them and find out yourself!

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