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Work permit 2017

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    So i went to pay for the work permit today and found out that the cost went up by 40% compared to last year! I paid 140 usd (553,330 riel), compared to 100usd in 2016. This is a breakdown of the fees.

    • Foreign Work Permit: 400,000 riel
    • Medical Checkup Verification: 20,000 riel
    • Supporting and Online fee: 120,300 riel
    • VAT 10%: 12,030 riel
    • ACLEDA processing fee: 1,000 riel

    So nearly 140usd. Then there is also the cost of the medical checkup: 25usd. And the bribes for getting the residency papers: 5usd for immigration police, 5usd for the guy at the commune office.

    So full cost this year 175usd, a lot of wasted time and a lot of “chu kbaal” to understand which documents are needed and how to get them.

    I’m especially fed up with the “Supporting and Online fee” of 30USD. Which support are they talking about? And shouldn’t online processing be cheaper than manual processing???

    Okay, that’s the end of my rant for now… Thanks for listening! 🙂



    Hi, nice to see some new people on the forum! Correct, 30 US Dollars supporting fee is steep, given the lack of information about the new work permit application.

    The Cambodian government has given the responsibility to process foreign work permits to a private company called E-Solutions (Cambodia) Co. It’s not known who owns this company or how they were able to secure this (pretty lucrative) government contract. I did some research but was not able to find a website or other online presence. In 2016, there were around 36000 work permit registrations, which means E-Solutions will make at least a million US Dollars in revenue this year. Not bad for a ghost company without any online presence or previous experience in developing IT systems.

    The Cambodia Daily and the Phnom Penh Post have written news stories about E-Solutions.

    Phnom Penh Post: http://www.phnompenhpost.com/business/ghosts-machine

    Little is known of E-Solutions, which was incorporated in December 2015, and even less is known about the government’s selection process. Despite the technological innuendo of its name, the company has no corporate website or public web presence, and no track record.

    Cambodia Daily: https://www.cambodiadaily.com/news/private-firm-takes-responsibility-work-permits-117428/

    The Ministry of Labor passed all responsibility for foreign work permits today to E-Solutions (Cambodia) Co., leaving a multitude of unanswered questions about the private company that will process, produce and distribute the permits online.

    Ministry spokesman Heng Sour declined to answer questions about the company, its ownership or why it lacked a web presence a day before it was supposed to take over the online permitting. Instead, he referred all questions to the government proclamation, or prakas, signed earlier this month that regulates the process.



    I received the work permit today. They were so kind to mention on the invoice that they deliver the permit for free! 😀


    Christophe Borgers

    I heard that the deadline for the work permit application has been postponed until the end of April. Can someone confirm this?


    Christophe Borgers

    I found some more info, which confirms that Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training has postponed the deadline for the work permit registration by a month. So the new deadline is April 30, 2017.

    Not only that, but the Ministry has also dropped the rule that foreigners have to pay retroactive fees for every year they have worked / lived in Cambodia without a valid work permit. A bit frustrating for expats who have paid this penalty in previous years, but finally some logic thinking by the Ministry!




    Plsss anyone here can help me with my working permit. I really dont know where and how i can get a proof of residency.


    Christophe Borgers

    Hi tetchu, i explained how to get the proof of residency in your other post:


    Good luck!



    Hi I’ve tried to apply for a work permit online unfortunately my school is registered yet. How can i process my own work permit online. Please help me. The CEO of my school told me that i can process online and he will give me the necessary recommendation for the online processing. When i tried online it says my school is not found. Please please help me. I desperately need to process my work permit…



    Sorry…i meant my school is not registered yet to the ministry of labor…


    Christophe Borgers

    Hi Antonette, are you the only foreign teacher at your school? If not, they should have registered with the ministry of labor long time ago and it’s not a good sign that they haven’t taken care of this yet. An application for a “foreign quota approval” must be submitted by the school before any of their foreign staff can apply for a work permit. It’s the school’s responsibility. If you can’t wait for the school to get their things in order, then maybe you can try to apply as self-employed? I don’t know how strict the MOL is these days, but that used to work for some people i know before their employer applied for the quota approval.

    Btw, I assume that the urgent need for a work permit is because you need to renew your business visa?



    Thanks Chris for a very informative response. This information will help me to decide in my next step with regards to processing my work permit by myself. Yes you’re right i need the work permit for the renewal of my visa. I really appreciate your response to my query.

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